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  • Did you know that for every 1 apartment locator, there's 7 regular real estate agents?
  • Did you know that apartment locating can be done from home?
  • Did you know that you may NOT have to pay MLS fees like traditional real estate agents to be an apartment locator?
  • Did you know the following cities are prime areas for apartment locating: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Antonio

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What Others Are Saying

These are some Google Reviews from people who bought one of my courses called Locator Boss. 
"WOW, I just completed Bianca's course! It had me setting on the end of my seat! I finally found a locator course that was easy to follow, packed with resources that I can start implementing in my business today! She was straight to the point not a lot of fluff!Thank you so much you are a gem many blessing to you always for the time and effort put into this course."
Alemeta BradleyTexas Real Estate Agent
"Bianca's course was amazing!! All the information is broken down into small digestible pieces. She explains each step and why its important. One of the best things about it is if you follow all of her steps you will spend a fraction of what most agents spend on marketing. I wish I would have known about her sooner. Thanks Bianca.
Chris ThomasTexas Real Estate Agent
"Thanks Bianca Roberts you gave me more than I could have imagined in this course. I have a new found confidence in "putting myself out there". I am certain I will be successful in this industry! I have purchased courses in the past that were not what they claimed to be. However, you broke the mold with this one!
Dora BreedingTexas Real Estate Agent
"Bianca is simply one word.....a GENIUS!! I have taken other course (in RE) before, but this one by far gives you the most structure in setting up your business. She teaches one of the most important things about structuring a business.....AUTOMATION. You can truly streamline your marketing and lead generation. I'd recommend this to course to any entrepreneur, let alone a RE agent. I am so excited to put out my content and let my systems carry most of the heavy lifting."
Xavier YancyTexas Real Estate Agent
"Hello everyone, this course is very informative and helpful. I enjoyed learning all the tools for becoming an apartment locator. Everything was explained in a plain and simply concept which gave me confidence to feel like this is something I can do. Thanks Bianca, you're the BEST!"
Patrice ArringtonTexas Real Estate Agent

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