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THE ESSENTIAL APARTMENT LOCATOR TRAINING ACADEMY! This little known (work-from-home) real estate niche can help you generate endless leads and get you 'right now' money as you build your real estate career.


The 'Locator Boss' ACADEMY includes...

  • Basic framework for How to Get Started as An Apartment Locator.($197 value)
  • One LIVE Group Q & A session each month! ($497 value)
  • You also get TWO COMPLIMENTARYone on one sessions with me for joining!($997 value)
  • Full step-by-step demo of the  apartment locating software I use to find apartments that pay locators including full demos on how to send apartment lists to clients.($197 value)
  • Organic lead generation techniques to get leads for FREE via social media so even if you if you decide not to become an apartment locator, you'll be able to generate your own leads forever. ($997 value)
  • A list of over 25 apartment locating companies from all over the United States where locating is available. ($97 value)
  • My TikTok Strategy that exploded my business and got me 6000 new followers overnight, including how I generate 100+ leads a month! ($197 value)
  • How I use my calendar system to get clients to pay me to be an apartment locating lead! ($197 value)
  • How and why to set up an apartment locating newsletter to send to future leads...($297 value)
  • Get an instant download of my first 7 emails using a share code which you can use to send to your apartment locating newsletter. ($97 value)
  • FREE Lifetime Access to the Locator Boss Facebook Group for ongoing support! ($297 value)
  • Bonus module about how to use social media for free lead generation! ($197 value)
  • A downloadable script to use when speaking to clients via Zoom. ($97 value)
  • Included in the Academy membership are 9 downloadable pdfs available for instant download and study...($197 value)
  • Funnel sharing token to copy and paste my lead capture pages...($97 value)

This digital Academy and course will help introduce  'Real Estate Agents' to the little known apartment locating niche, to help you make 'right now' money and jump start your real estate career without ever leaving home!

'Locator Boss Academy’ is the step-by-step process to turn 'Apartment Hunters' in to 'Sales Commissions' without 'Ever Leaving Your Home'! (YES, even YOU can do this!)


When starting out in traditional real estate many new agents aren't sure how to get their career jump started. Agents spend a lot of money buying leads or doing ineffective things like knocking on doors to get business. Not to mention the countless fees that you have to fork over just to get started. 

Traditional real estate is also difficult to do if you have a full time job because of the time commitment it takes to go on listing appointments and ride around with buyers. But most agents can't leave their 9 to 5 job because they aren't making enough money to practice real estate full time. It's a vicious cycle that keeps new agents stuck! 

 And traditional real estate is extremely saturated. For every 1 apartment locator, there are 7 traditional real estate agents. And most new agents will be gone from the industry after their first year.

"Why is 'Traditional Real Estate' NOT working for me!?”


Apartment locating is a relatively unknown niche of real estate that doesn't require going on listing appointments or riding around with buyers every weekend hoping to get a sale. And apartment locating can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection!

You can be a successful real estate agent without showing houses.


  • New real estate agents who have no idea how to get clients to grow their real estate career. 
  • Seasoned real estate agents who are tired of the traditional real estate grind and want a non-traditional way to make money in real estate from home. 
  • Real estate agents who want to learn how to use social media to grow your business even if you decide being an apartment locator isn't for you.
  • Licensed agents who want to supplement their income in between closings.
  • Unlicensed agents thinking about entering real estate who want a step-by-step plan for entering the apartment locating industry.




Buy 'Locator Boss Academy' and get to work attracting apartment renters right away!



Join THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to get support as you follow along in the course.



Transform YOUR Real Estate Business Into a Lead-Generating, Money Making Machine!

What Others Are Saying

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"Bianca is simply one word.....a GENIUS!! I have taken other course (in RE) before, but this one by far gives you the most structure in setting up your business. She teaches one of the most important things about structuring a business.....AUTOMATION. You can truly streamline your marketing and lead generation. I'd recommend this to course to any entrepreneur, let alone a RE agent. I am so excited to put out my content and let my systems carry most of the heavy lifting."
Xavier YancyTexas Real Estate Agent
"WOW, I just completed Bianca's course! It had me setting on the end of my seat! I finally found a locator course that was easy to follow, packed with resources that I can start implementing in my business today! She was straight to the point not a lot of fluff!

Thank you so much you are a gem many blessing to you always for the time and effort put into this course.
Alemeta BradleyTexas Real Estate Agent
"Bianca's course was amazing!! All the information is broken down into small digestible pieces. She explains each step and why its important. One of the best things about it is if you follow all of her steps you will spend a fraction of what most agents spend on marketing. I wish I would have known about her sooner. Thanks Bianca."
Chris ThomasTexas Real Estate Agent
"Thanks Bianca Roberts you gave me more than I could have imagined in this course. I have a new found confidence in "putting myself out there". I am certain I will be successful in this industry! I have purchased courses in the past that were not what they claimed to be. However, you broke the mold with this one!"
Dora BreedingTexas Real Estate Agent

Here What Dora Has to Say

Dora Breeding Purchased the Locator Boss Course September 2022. She graciously agreed to give Locator Boss a LIVE testimonial! 

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